Telemedicine Information

The office will stay exclusively on telemedicine as long the Texas Medical Board's Emergency Safety Rule (22 TAC § 190.8(2)(U)) related to GA-19 is still in place, covering minimum standards for safe practice.

The telemedicine "visits" can be done with a smartphone, tablet, or webcam enabled computer. No app or download is required, the telemedicine platform is accessed via your browser. There is more information about the HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform we use, as well as a video, here. The doctor is able to do simple telephone "visits" if you do not have a smartphone or other device able to stream later video "visit(s)," though she needs to at least start the visit(s) via telemedicine, as a standard of care, so that she is able to do a visual assessment and confirm your identity as the one in your ID.

Shortly (10-20 minutes) before your scheduled appointment you will receive an email from the office with the link to set up in the virtual "waiting room" as well as an invoice link to a secure processing platform that can accept your payment as debit, credit, bank transfer and even Apple Pay. Please remember take care of that prior to the appointment. Please pay attention to your invoice emailed information as some people may not have patient owed portions during the pandemic, but the invoice is still provided for records, and shows the full charge.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email or call the office during business hours at 832-726-0720, option 1.